Finding The Old Me

The life of faking realities … all I need is just go back into the time.. just one more time to keep same old smile..

Yeah we smile .. we smile a lot.. may be its not the same old flawless one ..

What a great change it can be .. If you go back to the same old you.. same old all of us …

Missing me … Nostalgia of missing old us…

Trust me .. I miss you 🙂 and I miss me ..

Thank you for reading❤️

Lost Words

Visit of her face occupied with full of attitude blended with a high dose of makeup.At very first glance I admired her grace.Slowly bus started moving and unknowingly our eyes met where I witnessed her gentle face pouring with unstoppable tears. So silent so strong she allowed them to flow with an un-disturbing void.After a while she wiped her face with a tissue and applied her bold colored lipstick .Acted as if everything ok. This is all about a girl sitting next to me in the bus. I failed to ask as I know I have no right to, May be the current societal norms restricted me.I am not sure what stopped me but I dint ask.

A sudden thought flickered ..

What we lost???

We lost the right to ask the next person “Is everything ok”.

Do we ask at-least our loved ones?

Do we care to ask?

Are we all gonna die with those untold stories??

I took my bag and with a confused smile started walking …

Those silent tears…

I wish .. you clear your untold story with an open heart.

A girl in the bus..

Thank you for reading❤️