Standing Strong To The Storm Of World… 400 Years…

My Dream Sketch : The Poetry Of Earth

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.

-Rabindranath Tagore


Before we start let me give you a brief intro of this Giant .. standing strong & listening to the whispering sky

As per Wiki :

The Dodda Aalada Mara, literally translated to Big Banyan Tree, is a giant 400-year-old banyan tree , located in the village of Kethohalli in the Bangalore Urban district of Karnataka, India. This single plant covers 3 acres (12,000 m2) and is one of the largest of its kind. In the 2000s, the main root of the tree succumbed to natural disease, and thus the tree now looks like many different trees.

I will start with a Joke, Why I mentioned it as a Joke because I laughed on myself when I realized the truth 🙂 . From the Time I got to know about this place, I want to visit this place and witness the giant tree.However when I reached  & at very first glance I was not happy, as I thought On surface I can see 3 acres covered tree. I know you  too started laughing now 😛 . Let me tell you many think the same  &  because of this very thought they state its not worth visiting..  Isn’t a good Joke to laugh at ? 🙂

So to be clear  The tree is famous in and around the area and is spread across 3 acres. It is more than 400 years old and has a huge circumference of more than 250 meters.

Now 250 meters is not less right :)….

Its not the end .. Let me share my experience with you…


What you give to Next… Is You

I started walking in the shade of eternal grace. Those Leaves  are dancing to the wind of universe . With its  strong roots laughing at the storm of world.

Its then Earth whispered to the quiet sky  & Its then  400 years of legacy started speaking with me.

You the child of my world came here to Judge me

To the one listening & studying this universe from years…

To the one Standing strong with powerful grace..

Let me tell you one thing my child.. If you want to live for years stay strong to the wind of universe . Let your roots grow strong deep in to the Earth of your soul  & Decide to fight with the storm of world.Destiny kills you for 100 years, Its your legacy which will speak for 1000 years. What you give to next,is you.

Be Strong …Strong..Strong…

With Admiring eyes & tears of Joy. Attaining great Motivation.. I left the place… Adapting the pace of Nature

I wish you stay strong for millions of years and motivate our next generations too..

In Love with Nature….❤️❤️

here are my few clicks ..PC : me




Thanks for reading ❤️🍂🍂🍂

Bowed To The Destiny..Faded To The Earth… || Watercolors & Photography

My Dream Sketch#32 : Watercolors.. Colors of Destiny..


“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval


A pleasure born to the Nature..

A mysterious fragrance enchanting the world..

A spell of astonishing colors..

A star awakened by Moon..


Witnessing every moment of Life…

Dancing under the sky to the wind of universe..

Appreciating the lullaby of bees..

Sprinkling the honey of happiness..

Carrying the worldly emotions with the heart of petals..

Bowed to the destiny … Faded to the Earth..


You the precious visitor.. Ruling the hearts..

without any prejudice ..

Witnessed our Love & The Destiny..

Every moment of  our life.. Pleasured & Treasured.. BY YOU..


In the Embrace of Mother Nature… Sharing few Pictures clicked by me…

My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017

Your fall gives hope to another spring .. A selfless love…


In love with Nature

A Friend Forever…. A Lesson For Life..

My Dream Sketch# 31: Water Colors – Sunsets


A friend forever…

This evening sunset reminded me stories & Lessons I learnt from my friends…

A Friend to whom every little kind gesture is precious…

Only living soul who can understand minute  change in my behavior..

A symbol of unconditional love… With four legs and fur… 

Yes … Few people call them as .. dog… pet.. baby… friend…🐾🐾🐾

For me… My friend .. My Therapist… My Teacher….❤️

I shared best moments and I learnt life lessons… 

From my childhood.. They occupied a special place in my heart..

Our house is like a festival all the time with their playful deeds…

Let me tell you the stories…


My Friend 

Like any other day I started walking to the bus stop for my college bus.He always used to accompany me till the bus stop from our home.That day in an unexpected way people at the bus stop got scared and they screamed looking at him. I was upset.

Next day as usual when he started coming with me to the bus stop.

I Just turned and screamed at him – You are not coming with me .They are scared of you &  I don’t like it.

That gentle Soul with angel heart kissed me and left from that place understanding my each and every word.

Just Imagine what he did..  from the very next day  he used to follow me only till our fencing gate and used to stare at me till I reach the bus stop.

My first love … My friend read my heart and acted accordingly …❤️🐾

Infinite love
Infinite love

My Love towards you and your love towards me is unconditional –  A souvenir


My Therapist

The most cutest soul on Earth  & The most sweetest.My love number 2 . My Therapist…

Those little paws got the world full of love in front of my eyes.

My wish… his command..

It’s My sleep time .. My wish is no one should disturb me. His protector mode is on. No one can reach my bed.

It’s My exam time.. My wish is to wake up early.. His Friend mode on.. pulling my bed sheet.. sweet barks..cold touch.. To the lazy me .. A best Alarm…

A silent ..Unconditional love … My therapist ..

If I cry you cry .. If I play you play .. if I smile you laugh .. ❤️🐾

A soul carrying heart in tail .The wagging tail – The expression of pure love…


My Teacher

 I met him near my college .First time I gifted him a Cookie & I witnessed those eyes full of unconditional love. One day he insisted me for a Cookie  .. It was like too much .. Pulled my dress.. kissed My cheeks .. Everything whatever he can do to impress me … Though My heart insisted but My fate came like college bus. I promised him for a cookie & I boarded. Next day I well planned my time with My friend  &  carried a box full of cookies from home ..

I reached college ..

I waited for my friend for too long .. he never came … It was the last kiss.. It was the last hug..

So Sad.. I just cried .. cried holding my cookie box..

I wish.. I wish… To gift that last cookie..

Lesson Learnt ..

Never procrastinate anything .. 

If you love tell them ..If you wanna cry .. Just cry .. If you wanna laugh .. Just laugh..

If you wanna do ..Just do..

Life is too short .. 

This teacher is always in my mind… He is in the every single decision of my life  

                                                                In love with🐾


“Whoever else thinks you are of little worth – to your dog you are the heart of his universe.” -Pam Brown, B. 1928

This is the yesterday’s sunset recovered  all my lost memories…

PC: Yesterday's Sunset
PC: Yesterday’s Sunset

A Simple Treasure… I Lost..You Found..

My Dream Sketch#30 : Water Colors  – Nature Smiles

Smile Forever
Smile Forever

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Waves drifted me to the shore … Just unsure of my life..

I lost.. I lost my world …Until you found…

As a Joy .. I shined in your hands…

you lifted my soul and listened through your heart…

 The Roar.. The Roar of My Ocean .. Secrets  & Mysteries..

I Lost.. You Found

PC: My Beach Time
PC: My Beach Time

For the Admirer in you ..

I shined as a happiest moment..

You treasured my presence..

A Souvenir of My Life….

Those sands & castles ..Sparkled ..Smiles & Joy..

I Lost.. You Found…


The Hallow soul.. Left me as a shell…

you lifted me to the dream of Wonder…

A wonder .. To the Nature & To the World..

You Found .. I Shined…

PC: My Beach Time
PC: My Beach Time

Shined Forever As A Smile

In love with Nature…