She smiled Again..

PC- @sandeepdattaraju – My Hand☺️

The pain in your smile is only observed by the deepest souls connected to your heart..

The world shaded by colors of fake never demands you for the trueness..

Alas! Those immaculate smiles faded to the darkness of selfish-minds..

Smile .. It costs nothing!!

They see, what they want to..

She smiled again…


Just a question to self…

When was the last time you smiled?

A smile full of tears.. tears of joy…

Many a time we smile just because we can or we have to…

I just wish you smile heart-fully one more time….

Love with Life❤️❤️

Thank you for reading…

Song of Soul❤️❤️

A song my soul sings..

Thriving to reach yours..

My dreams travel around you..

Taking me to the galaxies of hope…

Only you and me in the world of stars…

Sing me your heart .. show me your love..

You are that blessing I wish for ..

Look into my eyes and sing your soul..

A song we share..To The dance of hearts


To the stars and To the moon …❤️❤️

Lost Into The World Of Infinite…

My Dream Sketch# 29 : Don’t Melt Away

I wish... I can hold you forever
I wish… I can hold you forever

With  the wide open admiring eyes … I saw you the first time..

The Time I can’t travel again & The Time I wish I stayed forever..

I remember the moment .. My Milky tooth felt blessed with your cold touch…

It was fun…To look at you .. To hold you..

Sometimes a proud moment & at times fun..

You gave me many friends.. Just allowing my heart to share you…

And now.. Many thoughts dangling in my little dramatic mind..  with you in my hand..

You As a Moment … 


Always astonished with the fact ..

Once a moment  is passed ..its gone..

We can’t hold.. good or bad..

It has to fade.. the way you melt in my hands..

I wish .. I can hold you tight..

Let you not be a memory.. faded away.. In a most coldest way..

Even before My heart felt your presence..

You As a Word


Once taken from the locked safe zone..

It is Sweet or bitter.. lost.. lost into the world of infinite..

Can’t take you back & build you again..

I wish .. I can be careful to bring you into the light with wisdom..

Wisdom of not loosing you to the bitter world..

You As My Love


Only destiny can judge that infinite happiness

You in .. My hands.. My world.. My life..

You fading away in my hands..

Before I realize.. The taste of my heart indulging to find the truth of happiness..

In a scariest way.. you fade away from my hands…

A bitter dream .. Never want to live in…

I wish .. I lock you in My heart’s deep ocean…

Where no light can reach you & melt you away..


Never Ending…

Let this delicious Ice Cream dance in my mouth ..