Amma says❤️

Amma says

May be you don’t need a friend but they may need one..

So never fade your smile… welcome everyone…

listen with heart..

Amma says

When you are around..

No one should sleep with empty stomach..

No one should sleep with untold pain..

Make sure you don’t sleep with words untold..

Amma says

Truth may hurt .. but early truth is better than bitter late lie..

Amma says

Stand strong for that friend ..

You gave the word of friendship..

Words once given never be broken..

Amma says

If They love will never cry..

No second guess with heart..

Love is never a secret..

Amma says

If you would have saved this food instead of throwing .. the old women in the corner of street would have slept tummy full tonight .. Now she is hungry..

Amma says,

Its not how much you have .. its how much you give from your plate makes the difference..

Don’t give because you have.. give because they need..

Never forget to give..

Amma says,

Never lie for the sake of escaping .. speak the truth .. harsh truth is better than the soothing lie.. remember god is counting your lies..

Amma says,

You are my sweetest mad little girl…

Let your madness stay forever ..

When you stand strong .. remember we are proud of you…

Amma – Mother ❤️

My Mom and especially my Aunt used to tell these words as my bed time stories..😊

Happy parenting..

What your Amma says???

Many to go…. isn’t it?

Thank you for reading❤️

Colors are for those🤩

Creating a world of yours??

Often You construct a world of illusions in a dark and cold place filled with self centeredness

Always Standing for something to lose more than you gain..

At last Self doubting the value of your creation..

What sense it is to stand in the dark..

When you don’t see it and can’t believe it..

Colors are for those dreamers who fight to escape the darkness..

Colors are for those dreamers who see the world..


Who see the world with their heart full of colors

Thank you reading❤️