Lost Into The World Of Infinite…

My Dream Sketch# 29 : Don’t Melt Away

I wish... I can hold you forever
I wish… I can hold you forever

With  the wide open admiring eyes … I saw you the first time..

The Time I can’t travel again & The Time I wish I stayed forever..

I remember the moment .. My Milky tooth felt blessed with your cold touch…

It was fun…To look at you .. To hold you..

Sometimes a proud moment & at times fun..

You gave me many friends.. Just allowing my heart to share you…

And now.. Many thoughts dangling in my little dramatic mind..  with you in my hand..

You As a Moment … 


Always astonished with the fact ..

Once a moment  is passed ..its gone..

We can’t hold.. good or bad..

It has to fade.. the way you melt in my hands..

I wish .. I can hold you tight..

Let you not be a memory.. faded away.. In a most coldest way..

Even before My heart felt your presence..

You As a Word


Once taken from the locked safe zone..

It is Sweet or bitter.. lost.. lost into the world of infinite..

Can’t take you back & build you again..

I wish .. I can be careful to bring you into the light with wisdom..

Wisdom of not loosing you to the bitter world..

You As My Love


Only destiny can judge that infinite happiness

You in .. My hands.. My world.. My life..

You fading away in my hands..

Before I realize.. The taste of my heart indulging to find the truth of happiness..

In a scariest way.. you fade away from my hands…

A bitter dream .. Never want to live in…

I wish .. I lock you in My heart’s deep ocean…

Where no light can reach you & melt you away..


Never Ending…

Let this delicious Ice Cream dance in my mouth ..


Basking In The Glory Of Nature

My Dream Sketch# 28 : Water Colors : Standing Strong in the Glory….

Shinning Old Bridge
Shinning Old Bridge

‘And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first be touched by the thorns’- Thomas Moore

I believe..Heart with dreams should accept world of thorns.

Reach me
Reach me

Yesterday, Roughed rocky mountain called me to teach life lessons..

Me being an obedient student accepted the call.. and joined small trek…

Trekking is something.. Reminds me these lines continuously…

‘To reach the beauty.. Prepare to face the thorns’

Welcomed with the sparks of sky touching the ground…

Aromatic Earthy fragrance ..celebrating the moment..

We  traveled towards the  magical country…img_4400

Greeting the Earthy smiles…


Wind is blowing ..Gently waking my tired skin..

Droplets of sweat  lingering on my face..Trying to heal my soul…

Touch of nature..Singing lullaby to the sleepless nights..

Eyes filled with joy of tear’s.. following the pace of green..

Only you .. My dear..

In a flick…Can inspire through your magnificent beauty…

You the Expert of healing .. Attained the expertise of Art..

The Art Of Soul Cleansing..


Priceless souvenir
Priceless souvenir

In love .. With Nature…

I Speak … Listen…Listen With Heart..

My Dream Sketch #27 : Pen sketch

Lemme Live
Lemme Live

Naturists believe .. I speak …

I believe.. Nature speaks through me ..

An Earthly being .. 

Born to serve the world..

Lemme live.. Breathe my vibes ..

I nurture you .. 

Humble.. abode of.. Colors & wings…🦋

My smell.. My existence.. My breathe .. My food … My colors …

Everything is for you…

Just lemme live …

For you …

For  Our World… 


Go Green

My Own Little Fairy Tale… Leave The Devil…

 My Dream Sketch # 26 : A hope & A wish .. water colors…

Welcome to the land of dreams

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true…

I wish…



I believe ..

Dream is the most desired expression of heart..

where the unrevealed truths .. Start playing to reveal their true colors for the sake of your heart..

Did you ever had a dream ..which made your heart smile?


It started like a trembling nightmare .. some unknown person chasing me into the woods … My emotions were so clear .. I am scared to death.. I am running like never before … My heart beat is hundred times faster … I can feel my heavy breathe..


Am shivering trembling … looking for a hope …

Far away into the woods .. I was able to see a  door … 

A hope ..

My heart danced with joy..

A beautiful door .. hiding in the dream .. 

Seems to be waiting from so long.. Resembling a  treasure..

It seems to be magical … 


Suddenly I heard a voice…

Leave the devil.. Leave the devil…

Confused me … ignoring the voice ..

Started running towards the goal of hope …

when I reached the door  bit closer …

I heard the same voice again…

This time… it’s  very soothing .. I can feel  motherly touch in those words.. 

Leave the devil …

Leave the devil of fear..

Stopping you .. To see the light …

See the lights….. 


My heartbeat suddenly became normal ..

I understood its not going to be a nightmare…

A magical happiness entered in to my world… 💫

With loads of hope & belief .. I opened the door …

Its amazing …Sparkling..Shinning..

I saw those lights again… heaven full of lights …

Its a door to.. My Dream … My own Dream

A hope & A wish
A hope & A wish


Again that voice whispered…

Go and see more lights…

Slowly I turned  with a heavy heart.. walking away ..

I turned back.. to see those lights one more time … Slowly that door faded away …

Faded Dream
Faded Dream

The voice continuously whispered …

To see the lights.. Leave the Devil … 

A dream of happiness…

I wish… I can record my dreams and play back to you all ..

It was the most beautiful thing I witnessed..

Adding My dream sketch#10 : which I posted earlier ..As they speak same…

I see the light...
I see the light…

Collision 🤯 thoughts✨

Doodle: state of mind – escape into the virtual world of thoughts…

Not good at pencil sketch though .. tried to put my mind 🙂

Mind & heart often collide each-other In a frozen state of mind. while thinking, what if I don’t exist in this very place & in this very moment..what would have happened & what will they do… Heart says .. nothing ….Nothing would have happened.Just that you will witness ignorance like any other time .. and that same heart says trust me one very last time…

confused thoughts often stuck ma mind in a very pathetic way making me dumb struck – at last who started this 🤯

I Shine.. When Stars Come Down…

My Dream Sketch # 25 :  Dreams of shine… Water colors..

I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers
I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers

The delightful Time…


Mysterious world fall asleep..🌚

Shining moon enters to rule.. 🌝

Beautiful night starts it’s magical breeze.. 🍂

Sky merge slowly into those darkest mountains ..🗻

Musical fragrance of night spread all around..🎶

Water stands still ..with the silent songs of croak & Rock..🧚🏻‍♂️

Twinkling stars travel to Earth…💫

Its then..

Heaven asks me to bloom..⚡️⚡️


Dancing in the water.. Floating on the dark…

Shining for the Ruler …👑Welcoming the sparks..

Like one of those star child’s..Finding love everywhere 💫

Standing mysteriously in the dark ..

Shining like a heaven on Earth  💫..Blooming like a star on ground..

I shine ..

I shine.. when stars come down..


when heaven calls loud..

I shine for you ..My love 🌝

In love .. with .. Moon & Stars..

Finding the dream land ..

Dream Land
Dream Land

Travel Through My Eyes

Dream sketch #24: A collage of dreams.. watercolors..

My Journey : Sketch 1
My Journey : Sketch 1

Nostalgia ..

That feeling once you come back from travel…

Urge to travel again ..

Missing something which was never yours 🤷🏻‍♀️

Last week was a long journey week💃🏻 . .. 

Sound of the Train .. still in my ears & head.. 

That sound inspires to travel more often 😊

Its like a wake-up call ..

some unknown call into an unknown world ..

come …lets go into.. adventures … miracles .. magics ..

What I witnessed through those magical windows of the miraculous box called as train..

Come lets have a look..

Highest obsession of country side ..

Fields, trees, cattle,heavenly smell of Earth..that breeze.. lakes..rivers .mountains ..

let’s dive…

My Journey : sketch 2
My Journey : sketch 2

Day started … it can be dusk or dawn 🌞.. shining for me  .. those mountains🏔 that grass🌿.. as always singing  🎶.. spreading the wings of colors… to fly and explore🦋..  of course those electrical wires looking like sparks drawn on the sky..⚡️

My Journey : sketch 3
My Journey : sketch 3

Those monuments speak about history

That is the history of glory..✨ &✨ .. The history of Existence

My Journey : Sketch 4
My Journey : Sketch 4

Beautiful rides ….

witnessing those wonderful laughter🐪

My Journey : Sketch 5
My Journey : Sketch 5

Those trees that grass .. smell and taste of the country .. fascinated with the lively beauty .. live just live to feel that breeze … to touch that cattle .. to taste that food .. 🍹🥜🥗🥕🌽

My Journey : Sketch 6
My Journey : Sketch 6


Bends of the rivers..touching those mountains and forests ..

An unknown world .. calling to explore..

It’s Traveling to the world of known … 

Just to see the smile on each face … its traveling & traveling 🍂🍃


My Journey : Sketch 7
My Journey : Sketch 7

Night is never an end .. its  symbolizes new beginning a head..

Look through the window of dreamer ..

Those sparkling stars and moon always speak and smile … 


Not able to end this love story … 🤗 

I follow the principle..Eat well & travel often..

I love to eat .. going through the culture and tasting their different food 😋

Sample of my blessed taste buds
Sample of my blessed taste buds


Travel teaches a lot .. You should be an obedient student to learn..

I witnessed..

People with real joy and happiness..

Enjoying their work..

He is singing.. singing  .. from the heart..proudly … performing his well known art ..

Art of joy 

Person of Joy
Person of Joy

A magic bubbles creator .. with unbroken bubbles..

Enjoying and presenting his work in most awful manner…

Those bubbles are eye-catchers ..

A person of happiness
A person of happiness


As we all know .. Travel is the only thing you buy … that makes you richer 😇..

Let’s travel often … 


In love with my Journey.. LIFE


Time For Angels & The Stars ✨☕️

My Dream Sketch #23 : Tea & Me : Water Colors .. colors of Night and Light


My Mind Boggles.. With your presence

When you are in front of me and  in my hands …

It’s heaven ..✨✨

A moment when.. Night and Light dance together..

A moment when Stars and Clouds meet each other ..✨☁️

Angels at my glance ..🧚🏻‍♀️windy music in and around 🙂

That’s what ..My tea is blessed with ..

It’s ..An emotion… & ..An feeling …🙂


It is  in my hands ..☕️ & Home is just around me …🏡

Driving all my thoughts into positive sparkles


❤️That’s what tea lovers often quote..

You cant buy happiness .. but you can buy tea.. and that’s kind of same thing..❤️


My Tea Time 🤗 ..The Time ..When Sun treats Me and Birds sing for Me

Tea Time

Tea Time

 PC : Yesterday’s Sunset

🍃My love for Tea🍃

Shaded Memories … There’s A Secret No One Tells…

My Dream Sketch #22 : Water Colors .. Shades of Black and Green


Hiding in the dark🌚

Witnessing the shades of life🦋

Mysterious Memories.. play awfully good☘️


Faded they are… Good or bad...Just faded 🍂

Flickering to come once again ..🌸

To rule their kingdom 👑

 A Kingdom & A Challenge ..called.. LIFE


Shaded Memories .. Don’t you believe.. There’s A Secret No One Tells 👣

I Wish… I Am One Of Those… Happy Smiles….

My Dream Sketch: #21 .. More Colors I Touch.. More Happy I Am… 👩‍🎨

I wish .. am one of those happy smiles..🎈

Floating like the stars in the sky..💫

Witnessing every magical heart..👣

Every clap.. Every laughter ..😊

From ground to heaven …🦋 Free from the strings 🎈.. 

Flying with love.. Unconditionally ❤️.. 

Bringing smile on each face .. they touch


Traveling to  an unknown world ..🍂🍃

Where everything is love ☃️.. & .. everyone is smile 😊

I wish .. Am one of those colorful smiles