Come With Me✨✨✨✨

My Dream Sketch : Lets fly to the stars | watercolors

So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!

– J.M.Barrie


Lets go ..

To the world of dreams…

Where promises are made with eyes..

Moments remembered as smiles….

To the world of dreams..

Where hearts shine as stars..

Treasures filled with love…

To the world of dreams …

Forever… As stars to shine …


Lets fly to those stars


count those stars together


In Love With Life ❤️❤️ – Star Dreamer✨

Thank you for reading 🙂

Enchanted… If you can see … what I see…❤️

My Dream Sketch # 36  : Reflection – Water Colors..


These sparkling water reminded me of you..

The way its mirroring the mighty sky.. I want you to see the shadow of our love in my eyes..

These transparent droplets calling you to be alike .. showering the joy of your love …

Just a reflection of your soul in mine …


Those divine twinkles dive me into the inner deeps of the heart..

Wanna tell you many words.. though those are deep rooted..

In toughest waves .. I had chosen you over the life .. Just that those twilights are concealed..

Can’t get over you .. coz I witnessed that light in those eyes …

Enchanted eyes haunting the life…

Bottle Full Of Happiness ❤️

My Dream sketch #35

People keep moving..

Moving with a pace and in a rat race..

Collecting things ..

With more & more Improved capabilities…to hide their in-capabilities…

Are we just this.. Carrying the proud..

Alas!!! these names.. &.. Those assets

Changed….Changed…So called definition of victory ..

The hearts & those smiles ..

No Destiny ..No Answers .. No Purpose

I wish happiness comes in a bottle…

Astonished by dreaming the fact.. that..

Are we going to give it a price tag?

Just a bottle full of happiness …❤️

I Shine With You…❤️

My Dream Sketch# 33 : Dancing in the Moon.. Water colors..

Shinning with you
Shinning with you

Dance To The Song Of Life – Katharine Hepburn


In the shine of heaven ..& .. In the roar of waves..

In the Music of shores.. & To the silence of the dark..

I emerge as the spark.. A spark of your Magic…

Steadily entering into the kingdom of shine..

Competing those brightest stars..

To the indefinite world as a Invisible soul..

In the reflection of your light…

I dance .. I dance.. As your spark…

Like the stars twinkling in the sky ..&.. Those stars shooting from the sky..

A spark  hitting the ground…

I shine with you ✨

To the Moon & To the Stars.. ❤️


A Spectacular show in the canvas of sky .. Can you Imagine this with me..?

Yeah.. I What not every light of my Life..

Wishing me good luck all the time… As my instant mood boosters..

Sharing the secrets of world with sparkling smiles..

I wish.. I wish everyone of you to witness the same..❤️


Sharing My earlier Dream Sketches which speak the same…

Blossoming Moon
Blossoming Moon
Try The Invisible : Smiling Stars
Try The Invisible : Smiling Stars

In Love With Moon & Stars…

Bowed To The Destiny..Faded To The Earth… || Watercolors & Photography

My Dream Sketch#32 : Watercolors.. Colors of Destiny..


“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval


A pleasure born to the Nature..

A mysterious fragrance enchanting the world..

A spell of astonishing colors..

A star awakened by Moon..


Witnessing every moment of Life…

Dancing under the sky to the wind of universe..

Appreciating the lullaby of bees..

Sprinkling the honey of happiness..

Carrying the worldly emotions with the heart of petals..

Bowed to the destiny … Faded to the Earth..


You the precious visitor.. Ruling the hearts..

without any prejudice ..

Witnessed our Love & The Destiny..

Every moment of  our life.. Pleasured & Treasured.. BY YOU..


In the Embrace of Mother Nature… Sharing few Pictures clicked by me…

My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Surroundings
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to keukenhof Gardens :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017
My Visit to UK :2017

Your fall gives hope to another spring .. A selfless love…


In love with Nature

A Friend Forever…. A Lesson For Life..

My Dream Sketch# 31: Water Colors – Sunsets


A friend forever…

This evening sunset reminded me stories & Lessons I learnt from my friends…

A Friend to whom every little kind gesture is precious…

Only living soul who can understand minute  change in my behavior..

A symbol of unconditional love… With four legs and fur… 

Yes … Few people call them as .. dog… pet.. baby… friend…🐾🐾🐾

For me… My friend .. My Therapist… My Teacher….❤️

I shared best moments and I learnt life lessons… 

From my childhood.. They occupied a special place in my heart..

Our house is like a festival all the time with their playful deeds…

Let me tell you the stories…


My Friend 

Like any other day I started walking to the bus stop for my college bus.He always used to accompany me till the bus stop from our home.That day in an unexpected way people at the bus stop got scared and they screamed looking at him. I was upset.

Next day as usual when he started coming with me to the bus stop.

I Just turned and screamed at him – You are not coming with me .They are scared of you &  I don’t like it.

That gentle Soul with angel heart kissed me and left from that place understanding my each and every word.

Just Imagine what he did..  from the very next day  he used to follow me only till our fencing gate and used to stare at me till I reach the bus stop.

My first love … My friend read my heart and acted accordingly …❤️🐾

Infinite love
Infinite love

My Love towards you and your love towards me is unconditional –  A souvenir


My Therapist

The most cutest soul on Earth  & The most sweetest.My love number 2 . My Therapist…

Those little paws got the world full of love in front of my eyes.

My wish… his command..

It’s My sleep time .. My wish is no one should disturb me. His protector mode is on. No one can reach my bed.

It’s My exam time.. My wish is to wake up early.. His Friend mode on.. pulling my bed sheet.. sweet barks..cold touch.. To the lazy me .. A best Alarm…

A silent ..Unconditional love … My therapist ..

If I cry you cry .. If I play you play .. if I smile you laugh .. ❤️🐾

A soul carrying heart in tail .The wagging tail – The expression of pure love…


My Teacher

 I met him near my college .First time I gifted him a Cookie & I witnessed those eyes full of unconditional love. One day he insisted me for a Cookie  .. It was like too much .. Pulled my dress.. kissed My cheeks .. Everything whatever he can do to impress me … Though My heart insisted but My fate came like college bus. I promised him for a cookie & I boarded. Next day I well planned my time with My friend  &  carried a box full of cookies from home ..

I reached college ..

I waited for my friend for too long .. he never came … It was the last kiss.. It was the last hug..

So Sad.. I just cried .. cried holding my cookie box..

I wish.. I wish… To gift that last cookie..

Lesson Learnt ..

Never procrastinate anything .. 

If you love tell them ..If you wanna cry .. Just cry .. If you wanna laugh .. Just laugh..

If you wanna do ..Just do..

Life is too short .. 

This teacher is always in my mind… He is in the every single decision of my life  

                                                                In love with🐾


“Whoever else thinks you are of little worth – to your dog you are the heart of his universe.” -Pam Brown, B. 1928

This is the yesterday’s sunset recovered  all my lost memories…

PC: Yesterday's Sunset
PC: Yesterday’s Sunset

A Simple Treasure… I Lost..You Found..

My Dream Sketch#30 : Water Colors  – Nature Smiles

Smile Forever
Smile Forever

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Waves drifted me to the shore … Just unsure of my life..

I lost.. I lost my world …Until you found…

As a Joy .. I shined in your hands…

you lifted my soul and listened through your heart…

 The Roar.. The Roar of My Ocean .. Secrets  & Mysteries..

I Lost.. You Found

PC: My Beach Time
PC: My Beach Time

For the Admirer in you ..

I shined as a happiest moment..

You treasured my presence..

A Souvenir of My Life….

Those sands & castles ..Sparkled ..Smiles & Joy..

I Lost.. You Found…


The Hallow soul.. Left me as a shell…

you lifted me to the dream of Wonder…

A wonder .. To the Nature & To the World..

You Found .. I Shined…

PC: My Beach Time
PC: My Beach Time

Shined Forever As A Smile

In love with Nature…

Lost Into The World Of Infinite…

My Dream Sketch# 29 : Don’t Melt Away

I wish... I can hold you forever
I wish… I can hold you forever

With  the wide open admiring eyes … I saw you the first time..

The Time I can’t travel again & The Time I wish I stayed forever..

I remember the moment .. My Milky tooth felt blessed with your cold touch…

It was fun…To look at you .. To hold you..

Sometimes a proud moment & at times fun..

You gave me many friends.. Just allowing my heart to share you…

And now.. Many thoughts dangling in my little dramatic mind..  with you in my hand..

You As a Moment … 


Always astonished with the fact ..

Once a moment  is passed ..its gone..

We can’t hold.. good or bad..

It has to fade.. the way you melt in my hands..

I wish .. I can hold you tight..

Let you not be a memory.. faded away.. In a most coldest way..

Even before My heart felt your presence..

You As a Word


Once taken from the locked safe zone..

It is Sweet or bitter.. lost.. lost into the world of infinite..

Can’t take you back & build you again..

I wish .. I can be careful to bring you into the light with wisdom..

Wisdom of not loosing you to the bitter world..

You As My Love


Only destiny can judge that infinite happiness

You in .. My hands.. My world.. My life..

You fading away in my hands..

Before I realize.. The taste of my heart indulging to find the truth of happiness..

In a scariest way.. you fade away from my hands…

A bitter dream .. Never want to live in…

I wish .. I lock you in My heart’s deep ocean…

Where no light can reach you & melt you away..


Never Ending…

Let this delicious Ice Cream dance in my mouth ..


Basking In The Glory Of Nature

My Dream Sketch# 28 : Water Colors : Standing Strong in the Glory….

Shinning Old Bridge
Shinning Old Bridge

‘And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first be touched by the thorns’- Thomas Moore

I believe..Heart with dreams should accept world of thorns.

Reach me
Reach me

Yesterday, Roughed rocky mountain called me to teach life lessons..

Me being an obedient student accepted the call.. and joined small trek…

Trekking is something.. Reminds me these lines continuously…

‘To reach the beauty.. Prepare to face the thorns’

Welcomed with the sparks of sky touching the ground…

Aromatic Earthy fragrance ..celebrating the moment..

We  traveled towards the  magical country…img_4400

Greeting the Earthy smiles…


Wind is blowing ..Gently waking my tired skin..

Droplets of sweat  lingering on my face..Trying to heal my soul…

Touch of nature..Singing lullaby to the sleepless nights..

Eyes filled with joy of tear’s.. following the pace of green..

Only you .. My dear..

In a flick…Can inspire through your magnificent beauty…

You the Expert of healing .. Attained the expertise of Art..

The Art Of Soul Cleansing..


Priceless souvenir
Priceless souvenir

In love .. With Nature…

I Speak … Listen…Listen With Heart..

My Dream Sketch #27 : Pen sketch

Lemme Live
Lemme Live

Naturists believe .. I speak …

I believe.. Nature speaks through me ..

An Earthly being .. 

Born to serve the world..

Lemme live.. Breathe my vibes ..

I nurture you .. 

Humble.. abode of.. Colors & wings…🦋

My smell.. My existence.. My breathe .. My food … My colors …

Everything is for you…

Just lemme live …

For you …

For  Our World… 


Go Green