I Wish… I Am One Of Those… Happy Smiles….

My Dream Sketch: #21 .. More Colors I Touch.. More Happy I Am… 👩‍🎨

I wish .. am one of those happy smiles..🎈

Floating like the stars in the sky..💫

Witnessing every magical heart..👣

Every clap.. Every laughter ..😊

From ground to heaven …🦋 Free from the strings 🎈.. 

Flying with love.. Unconditionally ❤️.. 

✨Bringing smile on each face .. they touch ✨


Traveling to  an unknown world ..🍂🍃

Where everything is love ☃️.. & .. everyone is smile 😊

I wish .. Am one of those colorful smiles


To The Moon & To The Stars..

My Dream Sketch #20 : White colored pen 💫💫

Moon & Me
Moon & Me

Those words of Einstein ..

There are only two ways to live your life..

One is as though nothing is a miracle..

The other is as though ..everything is a miracle..


Everything is a miracle for me ..

Dreamer .. yes I am ..😇

You are the one ….I dream about always..

I wish .. I revolve around you .. As you do ..

There is a Joy & Joy is around you


The more darker the night … More scary it is .. 🌘

You …The ruler of the dark …

With sparkling  lights ⚡️&  twinkling stars .. ✨

Shinning  like a heaven in my dream.. 🌝

✨Makes that  night .. Beautiful ✨

I wish .. I could stand strong on that twinkling star 🌟..

To reach you🌙 & To hold you🌙

❤️My love❤️ 

More I look at you .. shinning … More  I live .. 👼🏼

That’s the magic you hold .. 💫

Every Rain Drop Is A Memory✨ | Watercolors

My dream sketch : Beautiful dreams Watercolor

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser – John W. Gardner


Jumping in to the puddle of dreams…

Enjoying the Rain of soul…

Splashing the joy of Universe…

Lets paint the pages of our LIFE…

With the floating boats..

With the wagging paws..

With the immaculate smiles..

Lets paint .. A LIFE full of memories..


Lets dream paper boats in Life boat..

Lets dream puddles in Life storm…


Isn’t every Rain drop a memory?

A beautiful memory…✨

In Love With Life❤️


Thank you for reading

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Teeny-tiny droplets from heaven…With A Magic Wand…

Remembering those beautiful lines..

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain👭

Picture Credit : Yesterday’s RAIN


🌧Rain & Me🌧

Rain is  that very close friend ..listens to me always..👭👭

Like an Angel with magic wand.. clears all my silent pain…. ⛈

As a kid..

 It was a great fun …welcoming monsoon Rains.. ⛈🌨🌧

Paper boats🛳 .. Masala tea☕️.. hot hot bajji 🌶from mamma’s kitchen…  

Heavy flooded roads seems to be fun ..so that we can play more ….👭

Those rains were different..A drastic shift from paper boats to life boat… 👩🏾‍💻

Now that…

It was a busy working day ..  every thing happened in all unexpected way ..I really lost my mind .. just stepped out of my room … .. its raining  🌧… Just started like a slow drizzle and ended as a tight monsoon shower…☔️☔️

☔️Its showering ☔️

Like a joy.. Like a kid’s immaculate smile…

Those droplets whisper to me.. ‘JUST LET IT GO’..

Lets dance 👯‍♂️… like no one is watching ..

Am pouring  from heaven ..Just for you ..

Let’s make those paper boats again .. let’s dance together like all the time..

Now that …only I know… LIFE is changed … changed ME .. Not the RAIN…

Doodle of the day  -- Rain & ME
Doodle of the day — Rain & ME

A friend always in need .. To lift my mood 

☔️☔️Only you know me My LOVE ☔️☔️

Shades of Blue & Green.. Colors to fly ðŸ¦‹ðŸ¦‹ðŸ¦‹ðŸ¦‹..

My Dream Sketch #18 : Water Colors … shades of Blue & Green❤️


A Place  very near to my heart ❤️… Visakhapatnam beach🌊🌊

This place gave me all the colors to paint 🖌My wings and fly 🦋🍃To see the mysterious world and its all kind of shades👀.. Pleasures here were so simple ..

Have biryani 🍗 Go to the beach and play 👭..

Collect sea shells 🐚Create sand castles🏰 Beach side chat-pat🌽🥜..

Things changed slowly when I started flying👣..That sand castle i used to admire slowly traveled  into the deep silence of my heart ..🌊

    Missing those days .. Don’t grow up its a trap..  😃


My Dream Sketch : Water colors .. Dreaming Star’s


Keep your eyes on the stars .. They will never disappoint you

🌟They speak .. smile… laugh .. wink .. 🌟

Those sparking friends look at me &  speak to me..

they share heartful stories…

Stories of the smile’s ..Stories of the world…

That world and those smiles are inconceivable ..

⚡️They are just waiting for a heart .. who can see through the Invisible✨

✨Let’s try✨

Heaven is falling .. Let’s collect our stars ðŸ’«â­ï¸ðŸŒŸ

My Dream Sketch #16 : Water colors .. Sparkling Star’s


Dreams & Stars ✨..

They often collide to give us blissful memories ..

From Heaven to Earth they are sparkling all around ..

Let’s collect our STARS ⚡️✨🌟

Endangered Smile 😁

I don’t understand .. Yes .. I really don’t

Why people..

  Thrive for worldly goods ..when they can collect world-full of colorful moments..

 Want to win the world ..when they can win little hearts with gentle smile..

Why to lock the thoughts in the world full of silence .. when they can look into the sparkling eyes and speak their heart’s..

Yeah..Perplexed world.. where emotions are often confused with fake smiles..

Let the resonance of true happy hearts dancing with joy.. fill my world with

immaculate smiles 🙂 🙂