When Ego Win’s

Ever watched Eagle & Snake fighting for the survival?  🦅🐍

Both of them are strong enough to kill the other..

Their strategies are strong …

when Snake induces venom..Eagle uses its sharp beak..

They both are in misconception of ‘Victory’.

Isn’t this battle of survival is more or less similar to our human egoistic battles?

We are in misconception of Win..when we are (dying)killing the other..

Is this defines our victory?

Nature teaches a lot 🙂


vasudhaika kutumbam.png

Just thinking of  ‘VASUDHAIKA KUTUMBAM’

GOD’s dream world ..which says.. ‘World is a family’.

No barriers of language color religion.

No boundaries too.. Entire world is for you and you are for everyone..

No one is rich & No one is poor..

No child is a Orphan & No parent is abandoned..

World full of love & Joy

Its GOD’s dream land