My Heart Calls You & You Call My heart.. ❤️

My Dream Sketch : Magic all around✨

There is some magic around you..

My heart calls you and you call my heart…

Its your presence… balances my emotions….

My stressful mind pleases with your presence ..

My happy smiles overwhelms with joy when you are around…

Is it your aroma or Just caffeine magic….

I can just see love calling me from all directions ….

You my love … tea & biscuit … ❤️❤️

Lifts my mood .. in a flick of moment..

Creating wonderful memories around your table… Tea magic☕️

Love with LIFE … My Tea Time…


Its Magic…counting the stars…❤️

My dream sketch : counting stars

What is miracle ? Everything …

Your presence pulls me into the world..

A world of serenity & A world of dreams..

With twinkling stars & lots of hope..

Hope for the life ..

Everyone has a star to achieve..

Looks far or near..though its never near..

Lets catch & count our stars..

traveling through the bliss of magic..

Lets lost into Magic of love ❤️

Embrace The Music Of Love ❤️|Watercolors

My Dream Sketch : Let the Love .. Loves you …

Music Of Universe
Music Of Universe

Dreams of love❤️


The smell of breeze..

The touch of wings..

The wag of paws..

The Smile on My face…

Dreaming the love of universe..

A magical music in the world of love..

Embrace the music of love ..

In love with Life 🐾

Come With Me✨✨✨✨

My Dream Sketch : Lets fly to the stars | watercolors

So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!

– J.M.Barrie


Lets go ..

To the world of dreams…

Where promises are made with eyes..

Moments remembered as smiles….

To the world of dreams..

Where hearts shine as stars..

Treasures filled with love…

To the world of dreams …

Forever… As stars to shine …


Lets fly to those stars


count those stars together


In Love With Life ❤️❤️ – Star Dreamer✨

Thank you for reading 🙂

Enchanted… If you can see … what I see…❤️

My Dream Sketch # 36  : Reflection – Water Colors..


These sparkling water reminded me of you..

The way its mirroring the mighty sky.. I want you to see the shadow of our love in my eyes..

These transparent droplets calling you to be alike .. showering the joy of your love …

Just a reflection of your soul in mine …


Those divine twinkles dive me into the inner deeps of the heart..

Wanna tell you many words.. though those are deep rooted..

In toughest waves .. I had chosen you over the life .. Just that those twilights are concealed..

Can’t get over you .. coz I witnessed that light in those eyes …

Enchanted eyes haunting the life…

Bottle Full Of Happiness ❤️

My Dream sketch #35

People keep moving..

Moving with a pace and in a rat race..

Collecting things ..

With more & more Improved capabilities…to hide their in-capabilities…

Are we just this.. Carrying the proud..

Alas!!! these names.. &.. Those assets

Changed….Changed…So called definition of victory ..

The hearts & those smiles ..

No Destiny ..No Answers .. No Purpose

I wish happiness comes in a bottle…

Astonished by dreaming the fact.. that..

Are we going to give it a price tag?

Just a bottle full of happiness …❤️

My Own Little Fairy Tale… Leave The Devil…

 My Dream Sketch # 26 : A hope & A wish .. water colors…

Welcome to the land of dreams

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true…

I wish…



I believe ..

Dream is the most desired expression of heart..

where the unrevealed truths .. Start playing to reveal their true colors for the sake of your heart..

Did you ever had a dream ..which made your heart smile?


It started like a trembling nightmare .. some unknown person chasing me into the woods … My emotions were so clear .. I am scared to death.. I am running like never before … My heart beat is hundred times faster … I can feel my heavy breathe..


Am shivering trembling … looking for a hope …

Far away into the woods .. I was able to see a  door … 

A hope ..

My heart danced with joy..

A beautiful door .. hiding in the dream .. 

Seems to be waiting from so long.. Resembling a  treasure..

It seems to be magical … 


Suddenly I heard a voice…

Leave the devil.. Leave the devil…

Confused me … ignoring the voice ..

Started running towards the goal of hope …

when I reached the door  bit closer …

I heard the same voice again…

This time… it’s  very soothing .. I can feel  motherly touch in those words.. 

Leave the devil …

Leave the devil of fear..

Stopping you .. To see the light …

See the lights….. 


My heartbeat suddenly became normal ..

I understood its not going to be a nightmare…

A magical happiness entered in to my world… 💫

With loads of hope & belief .. I opened the door …

Its amazing …Sparkling..Shinning..

I saw those lights again… heaven full of lights …

Its a door to.. My Dream … My own Dream

A hope & A wish
A hope & A wish


Again that voice whispered…

Go and see more lights…

Slowly I turned  with a heavy heart.. walking away ..

I turned back.. to see those lights one more time … Slowly that door faded away …

Faded Dream
Faded Dream

The voice continuously whispered …

To see the lights.. Leave the Devil … 

A dream of happiness…

I wish… I can record my dreams and play back to you all ..

It was the most beautiful thing I witnessed..

Adding My dream sketch#10 : which I posted earlier ..As they speak same…

I see the light...
I see the light…