I Shine.. When Stars Come Down…

My Dream Sketch # 25 :  Dreams of shine… Water colors..

I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers
I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers

The delightful Time…


Mysterious world fall asleep..🌚

Shining moon enters to rule.. 🌝

Beautiful night starts it’s magical breeze.. 🍂

Sky merge slowly into those darkest mountains ..🗻

Musical fragrance of night spread all around..🎶

Water stands still ..with the silent songs of croak & Rock..🧚🏻‍♂️

Twinkling stars travel to Earth…💫

Its then..

Heaven asks me to bloom..⚡️⚡️


Dancing in the water.. Floating on the dark…

Shining for the Ruler …👑Welcoming the sparks..✨

Like one of those star child’s..Finding love everywhere 💫

Standing mysteriously in the dark ..

Shining like a heaven on Earth  💫..Blooming like a star on ground..

I shine ..

I shine.. when stars come down..


when heaven calls loud..

I shine for you ..My love 🌝


In love .. with .. Moon & Stars..

Finding the dream land ..

Dream Land
Dream Land

Every Rain Drop Is A Memory✨ | Watercolors

My dream sketch : Beautiful dreams Watercolor

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser – John W. Gardner


Jumping in to the puddle of dreams…

Enjoying the Rain of soul…

Splashing the joy of Universe…

Lets paint the pages of our LIFE…

With the floating boats..

With the wagging paws..

With the immaculate smiles..

Lets paint .. A LIFE full of memories..


Lets dream paper boats in Life boat..

Lets dream puddles in Life storm…


Isn’t every Rain drop a memory?

A beautiful memory…✨

In Love With Life❤️


Thank you for reading

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