I Stay There … Come With me ❤️❤️✨ – Her Love

My Dream Sketch : World of Love

With fully focused eyes on sky ..

she is in her world of silence …

He : You lost into the stars again…

She: I stay there

He: With a gentle smile..Take me..

She: With wide open eyes and with tremendous joyous smile .. will you?

She asked again and again … will you?

Will you come with me into that world …


A World of dreams …

Where stars smile with Joy…

Where souls sing to the shine of Moon..

Where Waves of light dance with sparks throwing the world of dark…

Where world is filled with Fragrance of blossoming hearts …

Lets go there …

Where shades of dark never fade our smile…

Far away from world of chaos…

Into the world of Love ..

Where love is born and smiles are reborn …

Come with me …..


But don’t leave me there alone….

I can never come back from the spell of your love…

Once travelled… destiny can never be erased…

He : where is That…

She : There … deep in my heart …

Will you come ? …


she looked at stars again…

She repeated her lines of love…

Lets count those stars together ❤️


Isn’t love means traveling into the deepest treasures of heart together?

In love with Life❤️❤️ ..

To The Moon & To The stars…


Thank you for reading 🙂

Sky… Is Her Answer..❤️

My Dream Sketch: Sky

He asked her..

how much you love me..

She Just smiled & looked at the sky…


He wants to listen …

lets grow old together…

lets get lost together …

She said …

lets count those stars together…


After all with whom & what .. she can compare her love with …

She the greatest admirer of stars…✨


Isn’t the love means reaching your dreams together ?

To The Stars & To The Moon❤️

Dream or Destiny | Water colors…

My Dream Sketch : To The Moon & To The Stars✨⭐️🌝

Is it a dream or destiny… ?

Your thoughts fill my dreams & desires..

They take me to the Moon and to The Stars..

Its a celebration of hearts …

Those twinkles & smiles never fade to the light..

Just hide to the shiny sun ..

To Twinkle & shine again…

Its a Joy of heart & a Dream of soul..

My soul whisper to yours…

You My Love ..

Lets Lost together …

To The Moon & To The Stars.. ❤️

Its Magic…counting the stars…❤️

My dream sketch : counting stars

What is miracle ? Everything …

Your presence pulls me into the world..

A world of serenity & A world of dreams..

With twinkling stars & lots of hope..

Hope for the life ..

Everyone has a star to achieve..

Looks far or near..though its never near..

Lets catch & count our stars..

traveling through the bliss of magic..

Lets lost into Magic of love ❤️

I Shine With You…❤️

My Dream Sketch# 33 : Dancing in the Moon.. Water colors..

Shinning with you
Shinning with you

Dance To The Song Of Life – Katharine Hepburn


In the shine of heaven ..& .. In the roar of waves..

In the Music of shores.. & To the silence of the dark..

I emerge as the spark.. A spark of your Magic…

Steadily entering into the kingdom of shine..

Competing those brightest stars..

To the indefinite world as a Invisible soul..

In the reflection of your light…

I dance .. I dance.. As your spark…

Like the stars twinkling in the sky ..&.. Those stars shooting from the sky..

A spark  hitting the ground…

I shine with you ✨

To the Moon & To the Stars.. ❤️


A Spectacular show in the canvas of sky .. Can you Imagine this with me..?

Yeah.. I see..flowers..trees..dancers.. What not every light of my Life..

Wishing me good luck all the time… As my instant mood boosters..

Sharing the secrets of world with sparkling smiles..

I wish.. I wish everyone of you to witness the same..❤️


Sharing My earlier Dream Sketches which speak the same…

Blossoming Moon
Blossoming Moon
Try The Invisible : Smiling Stars
Try The Invisible : Smiling Stars

In Love With Moon & Stars…

I Shine.. When Stars Come Down…

My Dream Sketch # 25 :  Dreams of shine… Water colors..

I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers
I shine for you.. One of the Moon Flowers

The delightful Time…


Mysterious world fall asleep..🌚

Shining moon enters to rule.. 🌝

Beautiful night starts it’s magical breeze.. 🍂

Sky merge slowly into those darkest mountains ..🗻

Musical fragrance of night spread all around..🎶

Water stands still ..with the silent songs of croak & Rock..🧚🏻‍♂️

Twinkling stars travel to Earth…💫

Its then..

Heaven asks me to bloom..⚡️⚡️


Dancing in the water.. Floating on the dark…

Shining for the Ruler …👑Welcoming the sparks..

Like one of those star child’s..Finding love everywhere 💫

Standing mysteriously in the dark ..

Shining like a heaven on Earth  💫..Blooming like a star on ground..

I shine ..

I shine.. when stars come down..


when heaven calls loud..

I shine for you ..My love 🌝

In love .. with .. Moon & Stars..

Finding the dream land ..

Dream Land
Dream Land

Travel Through My Eyes

Dream sketch #24: A collage of dreams.. watercolors..

My Journey : Sketch 1
My Journey : Sketch 1

Nostalgia ..

That feeling once you come back from travel…

Urge to travel again ..

Missing something which was never yours 🤷🏻‍♀️

Last week was a long journey week💃🏻 . .. 

Sound of the Train .. still in my ears & head.. 

That sound inspires to travel more often 😊

Its like a wake-up call ..

some unknown call into an unknown world ..

come …lets go into.. adventures … miracles .. magics ..

What I witnessed through those magical windows of the miraculous box called as train..

Come lets have a look..

Highest obsession of country side ..

Fields, trees, cattle,heavenly smell of Earth..that breeze.. lakes..rivers .mountains ..

let’s dive…

My Journey : sketch 2
My Journey : sketch 2

Day started … it can be dusk or dawn 🌞.. shining for me  .. those mountains🏔 that grass🌿.. as always singing  🎶.. spreading the wings of colors… to fly and explore🦋..  of course those electrical wires looking like sparks drawn on the sky..⚡️

My Journey : sketch 3
My Journey : sketch 3

Those monuments speak about history

That is the history of glory..✨ &✨ .. The history of Existence

My Journey : Sketch 4
My Journey : Sketch 4

Beautiful rides ….

witnessing those wonderful laughter🐪

My Journey : Sketch 5
My Journey : Sketch 5

Those trees that grass .. smell and taste of the country .. fascinated with the lively beauty .. live just live to feel that breeze … to touch that cattle .. to taste that food .. 🍹🥜🥗🥕🌽

My Journey : Sketch 6
My Journey : Sketch 6


Bends of the rivers..touching those mountains and forests ..

An unknown world .. calling to explore..

It’s Traveling to the world of known … 

Just to see the smile on each face … its traveling & traveling 🍂🍃


My Journey : Sketch 7
My Journey : Sketch 7

Night is never an end .. its  symbolizes new beginning a head..

Look through the window of dreamer ..

Those sparkling stars and moon always speak and smile … 


Not able to end this love story … 🤗 

I follow the principle..Eat well & travel often..

I love to eat .. going through the culture and tasting their different food 😋

Sample of my blessed taste buds
Sample of my blessed taste buds


Travel teaches a lot .. You should be an obedient student to learn..

I witnessed..

People with real joy and happiness..

Enjoying their work..

He is singing.. singing  .. from the heart..proudly … performing his well known art ..

Art of joy 

Person of Joy
Person of Joy

A magic bubbles creator .. with unbroken bubbles..

Enjoying and presenting his work in most awful manner…

Those bubbles are eye-catchers ..

A person of happiness
A person of happiness


As we all know .. Travel is the only thing you buy … that makes you richer 😇..

Let’s travel often … 


In love with my Journey.. LIFE