Time For Angels & The Stars ✨☕️

My Dream Sketch #23 : Tea & Me : Water Colors .. colors of Night and Light


My Mind Boggles.. With your presence

When you are in front of me and  in my hands …

It’s heaven ..✨✨

A moment when.. Night and Light dance together..

A moment when Stars and Clouds meet each other ..✨☁️

Angels at my glance ..🧚🏻‍♀️windy music in and around 🙂

That’s what ..My tea is blessed with ..

It’s ..An emotion… & ..An feeling …🙂


It is  in my hands ..☕️ & Home is just around me …🏡

Driving all my thoughts into positive sparkles


❤️That’s what tea lovers often quote..

You cant buy happiness .. but you can buy tea.. and that’s kind of same thing..❤️


My Tea Time 🤗 ..The Time ..When Sun treats Me and Birds sing for Me

Tea Time

Tea Time

 PC : Yesterday’s Sunset

🍃My love for Tea🍃

Shaded Memories … There’s A Secret No One Tells…

My Dream Sketch #22 : Water Colors .. Shades of Black and Green


Hiding in the dark🌚

Witnessing the shades of life🦋

Mysterious Memories.. play awfully good☘️


Faded they are… Good or bad...Just faded 🍂

Flickering to come once again ..🌸

To rule their kingdom 👑

 A Kingdom & A Challenge ..called.. LIFE


Shaded Memories .. Don’t you believe.. There’s A Secret No One Tells 👣

I Wish… I Am One Of Those… Happy Smiles….

My Dream Sketch: #21 .. More Colors I Touch.. More Happy I Am… 👩‍🎨

I wish .. am one of those happy smiles..🎈

Floating like the stars in the sky..💫

Witnessing every magical heart..👣

Every clap.. Every laughter ..😊

From ground to heaven …🦋 Free from the strings 🎈.. 

Flying with love.. Unconditionally ❤️.. 

Bringing smile on each face .. they touch


Traveling to  an unknown world ..🍂🍃

Where everything is love ☃️.. & .. everyone is smile 😊

I wish .. Am one of those colorful smiles


Every Rain Drop Is A Memory✨ | Watercolors

My dream sketch : Beautiful dreams Watercolor

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser – John W. Gardner


Jumping in to the puddle of dreams…

Enjoying the Rain of soul…

Splashing the joy of Universe…

Lets paint the pages of our LIFE…

With the floating boats..

With the wagging paws..

With the immaculate smiles..

Lets paint .. A LIFE full of memories..


Lets dream paper boats in Life boat..

Lets dream puddles in Life storm…


Isn’t every Rain drop a memory?

A beautiful memory…

In Love With Life❤️


Thank you for reading

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